Don’t quit yer day-job (or quit it, whatever)

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Back-to-School windows 2014

My Day-job is as a the Display Artist at the Urban Outfitters in Albuquerque, NM.  I am very grateful to be employed as an artist in a job that continually pushes me and expands my skill set.  Thus far the job as improved my woodworking and pushed me to use new materials like; Concrete, Fabric, and Conduit.  Most of these new materials and techniques I have incorporated into my own artwork.  With the job I have also traveled to Indiana, Portland, and New York City to do builds for new or existing stores.

Having a day-job, I do not have to rely on art sales for my income.  This allows me create whatever I need to soothe my soul(apposed to what might sell easier).  Previously being self-employed as an artist I had to hustle to make rent, which ended up causing me to not create large works (small works move fast) and to stress out a lot!  However, I do work a lot more now between work and the studio (I average 60hr work weeks). There is no set path to becoming a professional artist which makes it really difficult, but everyone has an Artist inside its just a matter of staying committed and finding your own path!

Pop-Up Collective Presents: “Cardiac”



When: Saturday, May 17, 2014  6-11PM

Location: West Bund West, 217 Kinley Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

The Pop-Up Collective has curated an exceptional one night only show “Cardiac to benefit the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation. The exhibit opens Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 6-11PM at West Bund West, which is located at 217 Kinley Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102. West Bund West is a fabrication shop mainly geared toward architecture, industrial design and three-dimensional art. Each artist will be generously a donating a piece of art for a silent auction as well as showcasing an original series specifically created for this show.

“Cardiac” will feature works by 7 outstanding visual artists: Jodie Herrera (curator/painter), Angie Poynter (curator/painter), Josh Schriber (curator/painter), Joel Davis (mixed-media), Elana Schwartz (wood sculptor), Kate Burn (photographer), and Lance Ryan McGoldrick (mixed-media). The exhibition will range in styles from provocative figurative forms to abstract multimedia works. Each artist is a prolific member of the arts community exemplifying art that pushes boundaries with intent and masterful skill. This event will also feature momentous performances by The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective and projection artists’ Lux Capacitor. 

The Pop-Up Collective utilizes Albuquerque’s vacant or undiscovered spaces to unveil some of the city’s most talented emerging artists, as well as providing promotion to local venues and businesses. By transforming spaces into interactive community venues, our focus is to create an exceptional grassroots show experience for both the exhibiting artists and the patrons who attend and support our events.  This will be the third innovative event of many more to come.

Libations/ appetizers /Live music by DJ Boogaloo and Halcyon

New News

Making T-Shirts

First time in almost 3 years I am printing new shirts. I will have American Apparel Loose Crop Tanks and Sleeveless Dresses for women, and Loose Fit Summer crew Neck Unisex tees. They all will have one of a kind bleached and dyed pockets as well as large back prints. I still haven’t decided exactly what i’ll print yet. I am really excited to be producing clothing again, although I am not sure what to call my clothing line, since 2DayCircus is no longer. I am thinking about DBL (Designs By Lance) pronounced Double. They will be available online and locally in New Mexico at Toad Road in Nob Hill. expect the price range to be around 35+.


Next Direction

My next series will be light boxes with collage/illustrations inside them. These are based off the installation I did at Sister Bar. Wood and metal pattern work will give way to light penetrating the cracks amplifying the pattern. Each will have knot holes with illustration behind it, the collage background will draw the viewer in to inspect the cracks hopefully directing them to the knot hole. These will be apart of a pop-up show in May.


Hand-Eye Collective

Recently, I have been involved in forming an Artist Collective over the past year, and we have done our first install. Members Include Joel Davis, Christopher Blaz, Casey Warr, Elana Schwartz, and David Cudney.  This is “Unimaginable Possibilities” based loosely off the concept of wormholes, there are constellations connected with string and its all lit with black-lights. It measure over forty feet and will be up for the next 4 weeks at Art Bar in Downtown Albuquerque. 


Sister Installation

Here is a little more on my process.

I was honored this past October with the opportunity to have a permanent Install at (my favorite bar in ABQ) Sister!   I was positive I wanted to play with angles, light and obviously aged wood and rusted metal, but still needed a concept. David Cudney approached me to make it a collaborative install and the ball started rolling, soon “The Cabinet of Curiosity” was reached. This would allow for me to execute my original ideas and for David to showcase his amazing assemblages.

David’s land in Chamisal where he stockpiled so much beautyDavids land

 All mocked up and ready to being the install.

Mocked up

The space before we began


Framing process


After everything was framed I began to assemble the “cabinet”


And finally it all came together

Sister Install

There are seven different vignettes to view into in the install, all of which have assemblages that will be changed out over time.  This being in a bar we had to think of ways to drunk proof the artwork, which something i have never had to do with artwork before. Every hole had glass behind it and the illuminated paper was backed by plexi-glass to prevent people from punching holes in it. I wanted to have doors and drawers to open but that was ditched because of potential drunks.  The installation measure around 15 feet tall and 6 feet wide and is 13 inches deep, made of mostly reclaimed/recycled materials. I plan on a series similar to this install for my next work, of course they will not feature the wonderful vignettes of David Cudney but they will have the same exterior feel as this install.  Overall I am really happy how this turned out an grateful for the opportunity to showcase my artwork so prominently.  David and Myself  have an opportunity for another install at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery!

It’s a New Year

It’s a New Year, I am very excited about all the possibilities and new projects on the horizon:  The return of my own clothing line, an interactive installation show, another solo show, high quality prints, pushing for gallery representation, an online shop, healing, growing and challenging myself.  Here is to Hope in the Future of 2014!

I welcomed 2014 in with a bang, I had a solo show entitled ” A Buffalo & A Swan: A Love Story” and enjoyed a write up in our local Alibi Paper. Stay tuned for photos of everything from the last few months!

Here is the Link: Blackbird buffaloed

Painting the swan