The Time is Meow Wolf

It is finally HAPPENING! and I couldn’t be more excited. December 21st I begin my month long leave of absence from Urban Outfitters to spend most of my days in Santa Fe building my room…. The scale and scope of this project is one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed! This is art on a whole new tangent, Meow Wolf has shifted the standard of art and it couldn’t have come at a better time! more info on the project can ber found here

Here are a few pics from my process so far

This is my room!!! waiting for me to give it life


Pre-fabrication stages: Making blocks


Coating Blocks




Bending pipe! loving all the new challenges in this project


24 Hours of Art




I will be installing the fourth iteration of my Tetrahedron installation as a spire into the sky for this event. It  will feature lots of musicians and gallery artists as well as installation artists. Check out the website for more information.

They are also doing  crowd funding in instead of admission tickets to make the event more accessible to everyone.

MAY 1ST Installation Opening


Harwood Art Center, 1114 Seventh St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Opening Reception: Friday, May 1st 6 – 8pm
Exhibition Runs: May 1 – 28, 2015

This event is featured in On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design, a city wide collaboration from January – June 2015. Learn more

in the front gallery

BALANCE: Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Balance is an experiment in individualism through repetition, showcasing the connectivity present in existence. Lance seeks to create large-scale installations, combining geometry, light and found materials with an aim to create immersive environments producing a sense of wonder.

Open Studio – Public Selects


ON SATURDAY MARCH 7TH 10am-4pm. I will be participating in the a city wide studio tour sponsored by the city, and the highest voted artists will then be juried into a show at the Museum.  At the Factory on 5th(1715 5th St nw Albuquerque, NM 87102) the grill will be out and refreshments will be provided. 

Come see into the worlds and works in progress of
David CudneyJulie BrokkenReyes Padilla, And Myself


On three consecutive Saturdays in March, participating Central New Mexico artists will open their studios to the public; visitors will be asked to vote for the artists they would most like to see included in an exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum. Studios will be grouped by general locale on each date, making extensive studio visits across our expansive region feasible. Artists receiving the most votes will be invited to participate in the curated museum exhibition. This event is part of On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design.

On The Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design


This May and June, I am very honored to represent my city in their National push to expose our wonderful art community. My solo show at Harwood Art Center is featured as well as the Hand Eye Collective’s commissioned site-specific installation on the Harwood. The city organized lots of exciting events and exhibitions, I suggest making it to as many of these events as you can, and hope to see you there! Click the image below to learn more!


On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design is a cultural partnership that celebrates the art of central New Mexico by over 20 partnering organizations. From January through June 2015, public institutions join private galleries to present exhibitions, lectures, performances and educational programming that investigate the diverse art of the greater Albuquerque region. This event places a comprehensive focus on art and design created in the Middle Rio Grande Basin, contemporary to the earliest aesthetic objects created in the region.

January through June 2015

Multiple venues including the Albuquerque Museum, 516 ARTS, Harwood Art Center, KiMo Theatre Gallery, Richard Levy Gallery, National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, South Broadway Cultural Center, Tamarind Institute, UNM Art Museum and more.

PERFORMANCE: OneBeat ABQ at the Rail Yard

Saturday, November 1

OneBeat ABQ at the Rail Yards

An international music event and art happening

5-6pm: Pre-show events & activities
6-9pm: Performance

516 ARTS is excited to team up with Found Sound Nation to co-present OneBeat ABQ, an international music event and art happening at the Albuquerque Rail Yards on November 1, 2014. This event is the culmination of a one-month residency tour from Saratoga, California to Albuquerque, which brings 25 musicians from 17 countries around the world (ages 19-35) to the U.S. to collaboratively compose, produce and perform original music and develop strategies for social engagement through music.

Now in its third year, OneBeat is an adventurous new model of cultural diplomacy, which is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation. Hailing from Egypt to Venezuela, this year’s fellows include DJs and traditional instrumentalists, experimenters, indie-rockers and more. To name just a few, this cohort includes: Lara Klaus, a percussionist and educator from Recife, Brazil; Metin Kilic, a singer-songwriter and composer from Istanbul, Turkey; Peni Rini, an experimental vocalist from Java, Indonesia; Abdellah Hassak, a producer and organizer from Casablanca, Morocco; Dahlak Brathwaite, a Los Angeles-based MC and educator; and 20 other innovative musicians from an incredibly wide breadth of genres and backgrounds. For information about all the fellows, visit

OneBeat endeavors to be the nexus of a new way of thinking about how music can help collectively build healthy communities, prosperous societies and a more peaceful world. More than simply a music exchange, OneBeat is an incubator for music-based social entrepreneurship – a think tank for some of the world’s most promising artistic, technological and social innovators. The finale of their Western tour will be a unique, multimedia performance designed for the Albuquerque Rail Yards. It will include projects by local artists working with projection, technology and social engagement, co-curated by 516 ARTS, OneBeat and Albuquerque artist Billy Joe Miller.

The theme of this year’s OneBeat is the Audible Invisible, finding sonic expressions for the invisible powers that control us, from gravity to electromagnetism to culture.  The Rail Yards show on November 1 – wedged between Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos – will explore concepts of Spirit, one of the great invisible human universals.  While the OneBeat musicians come from radically different backgrounds and religious beliefs (or lack thereof), they are all fascinated with the journey of spirit and particularly the notions of “thresholds” which spirits cross in life, death and other transformations.

Interwoven with this musical performances will be art and video installations along these same themes. You are the Doorway is an art installation in the Railyard’s Blacksmith Shop that explores spirit, thresholds and the invisible powers that guide us. Visitors are welcomed to interact with a series of art installations across the enormous space. Utilizing painted surfaces, highly crafted objects, knitting looms, natural materials, video and performance, the artists have reflected on their journeys, questioned transofmative powers, and made sensitive, powerful, and often participatory pieces in response. They invite guests to step from spectator to participant and consider their own positioning in the dialogue. Featured visual artists include Michelle Montjoy, Ellen Babcock, Cedra Wood, Adam Wohlwend, Lance Ryan McGoldrick, Augustine Romero, William Feeney and Corvas Brinkerhoff. Video work by Karen Hipscher, Jackson Glasgow, Temujin Doran and UNM ARTS Lab. Performance art by Edie Tsong.

Save the date and don’t miss OneBeat ABQ!

Albuquerque Rail Yards
Blacksmith Shop (“The Yards”)
777 1st St. SW (between Stover & Hazeldine Streets south of Coal Ave.)

Free, $5 donation encouraged

Don’t quit yer day-job (or quit it, whatever)

photo 3

Having a day-job, I do not have to rely on art sales for my income.  This allows me to create to soothe my soul, as opposed to what might sell easier.  Previously being self-employed as an artist I had to hustle to make rent, this ended up causing me to not create large works, small works sell and to stress out a lot!  However, I do work a lot more now between work and the studio, I average 60hr work weeks.

My day-job is as a the Display Artist at the Urban Outfitters in Albuquerque, NM.  I am very grateful to be employed as an artist in a job that continually pushes me and expands my skill set.  Thus far the job has improved my woodworking and pushed me to use new materials like; Concrete, Fabric, and Conduit.  Most of these new materials and techniques I have incorporated into my own artwork.  With the job I have also traveled to Indiana, Portland, Florida, and New York City to do builds for new or existing stores. There is no set path to becoming a professional artist which makes it really difficult, but everyone has an Artist inside its just a matter of staying committed and finding your own path!

Pop-Up Collective Presents: “Cardiac”



When: Saturday, May 17, 2014  6-11PM

Location: West Bund West, 217 Kinley Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

The Pop-Up Collective has curated an exceptional one night only show “Cardiac to benefit the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation. The exhibit opens Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 6-11PM at West Bund West, which is located at 217 Kinley Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102. West Bund West is a fabrication shop mainly geared toward architecture, industrial design and three-dimensional art. Each artist will be generously a donating a piece of art for a silent auction as well as showcasing an original series specifically created for this show.

“Cardiac” will feature works by 7 outstanding visual artists: Jodie Herrera (curator/painter), Angie Poynter (curator/painter), Josh Schriber (curator/painter), Joel Davis (mixed-media), Elana Schwartz (wood sculptor), Kate Burn (photographer), and Lance Ryan McGoldrick (mixed-media). The exhibition will range in styles from provocative figurative forms to abstract multimedia works. Each artist is a prolific member of the arts community exemplifying art that pushes boundaries with intent and masterful skill. This event will also feature momentous performances by The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective and projection artists’ Lux Capacitor. 

The Pop-Up Collective utilizes Albuquerque’s vacant or undiscovered spaces to unveil some of the city’s most talented emerging artists, as well as providing promotion to local venues and businesses. By transforming spaces into interactive community venues, our focus is to create an exceptional grassroots show experience for both the exhibiting artists and the patrons who attend and support our events.  This will be the third innovative event of many more to come.

Libations/ appetizers /Live music by DJ Boogaloo and Halcyon