Don’t quit yer day-job (or quit it, whatever)

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Having a day-job, I do not have to rely on art sales for my income.  This allows me to create to soothe my soul, as opposed to what might sell easier.  Previously being self-employed as an artist I had to hustle to make rent, this ended up causing me to not create large works, small works sell and to stress out a lot!  However, I do work a lot more now between work and the studio, I average 60hr work weeks.

My day-job is as a the Display Artist at the Urban Outfitters in Albuquerque, NM.  I am very grateful to be employed as an artist in a job that continually pushes me and expands my skill set.  Thus far the job has improved my woodworking and pushed me to use new materials like; Concrete, Fabric, and Conduit.  Most of these new materials and techniques I have incorporated into my own artwork.  With the job I have also traveled to Indiana, Portland, Florida, and New York City to do builds for new or existing stores. There is no set path to becoming a professional artist which makes it really difficult, but everyone has an Artist inside its just a matter of staying committed and finding your own path!

Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Work in progress

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