Free Lance For Hire

Well, I never thought this day would come, but I quit my day job at Urban Outfitters as their Display Artist here in Albuquerque, NM.  I loved the freedom this job gave me and the independence from art sales. I was allowed to create my own art for my own vision without consideration to the consumption of my art.  With this freedom I found myself as an artist and began the difficult task of figuring out how I fit into the contemporary art culture.

After 5 years with the job I developed an amazing work ethic working up to 100 hours per week in order to stay productive with my own art goals; something I lacked previously when I was self-employed and running my company 2DayCircus.  With this new found work ethic, my vision for myself as an artist and my growing portfolio, I am incredibly excited to start this next chapter in my career.

I will focus on undertaking a rather large installation series project. In the meantime, in order to stay in the black, I will specialize in retail displays as well as unique and dynamic art installations for restaurants, bars, retailers and anyone wanting to have a lively environment. These installations will not necessarily reflect my aesthetic (rust, light, detritus), but accommodate any vision for a space. In my five years with Urban Outfitters I developed a deep understanding of materials, able to work with any space, budget and concept. I am looking forward to adding life to this city I love!

If you would like to view my display/installation portfolio please email me at



Here are a few

Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Work in progress

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