An Opera and an Art installation, a collaboration between Opera Southwest, Chatter ABQ and myself. Written by Salvatore Sciarrino in 1982 and based loosely on Lohengrin by Richard wagner, this opera is only an hour long and explores mental illness from the perspective of the main character Elsa.

I drew on personal experience to create the installation Losing Your Window. The work recreates my Mother’s bedroom, using forced perspective shrinking the space and framing the mental illness sculpture in the background. The work is light and sound reactive, flickering the lights to the music.

You can reserve tickets for the next month at Operasouthwest.org. Your timed tickets give you the space for the duration of the opera, with time to view the work as well. In the back room the opera is played on a big screen, with seating for five people. Ticketing is free, with a suggested donation.

Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Work in progress

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