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Lance Ryan McGoldrick is an interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of nontraditional contexts. His work ranges from discrete objects to immersive environments, often created with combinations of found-objects, texture, light, and geometry. Incorporating youthful exuberance, his work explores environmental themes as a reflection of place and with a reverence for nature. His work appears in non-traditional spaces as well as in galleries, at festivals, and as public art installations.

Born in Placitas, New Mexico, Lance has lived most of his life in Albuquerque where his parents, grandparents and larger community nurture a love of art and nature. He holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of New Mexico. While taking art classes his whole life, Lance is a self taught 

His enterprises have included the operation of a landscaping company and a screen-printing shop; he was also an award-winning display artist for Urban Outfitters. Often collaborating with other artists, working with Meow Wolf building immersive environments in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver, and elsewhere. He received the Fulcrum Fund in 2019 for his Project Lost Highways; a grassroots public art project placing work in small art towns throughout New Mexico. Set to open April 2020, unfortunately due to the pandemic is still on hold.

Artist Statement

In this sped-up capitalistic world, regard is given to new and shiny things. All too many humans have forgotten their traditions and lost connection with nature. I am troubled by this loss but find hope in the debris, I see poetry in trash. Through the construction of spaces and objects, I create visceral art works that connect people with a sense of natural wonder. 

Objects contain unique histories, shaped by people and places. Even garbage tells a personal story. Abandoned and discarded objects are often free and unfortunately plentiful. This abundance in material, and the way it shows up in my work, fuels a conversation about use in the face of over-consumption and planned obsolescence.  I emphasize the physical and emotional aspects of decay to explore issues of loneliness and entropy and into this space of abandonment, I invite the natural forces of reclamation. Whether in theme or material, my work confronts the nature of materialism, asking questions about the efficiency of resources, their cost to the natural world, and the way we (dis)regard our world. 

I am an interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of conceptual contexts, appearing in non-traditional spaces as well as in galleries, at festivals, and as public art installations. My work incorporates industrial waste and discarded materials to construct large-scale experiential works that are often immersive and interactive; they rely heavily on found objects, nature, geometry, and light, incorporating youthful exuberance, and a reverence for nature. Drawing on my personal experiences, I use my practice to ask questions about societal values, seeking solace in the act of making, and a shared connection of growth and understanding with the viewer.

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