A Place to Ponder


Acrylic, Steel, Epoxy, Water, Pumps, PVC, Wood.

72″ x 72″ x 60″

A Place to Ponder kicks off a long-term, roadtrip-based project, Lost Highways inviting viewers to “Get Lost.”

A Place to Ponder features a 4ft x 4ft x 4ft cube made of transparent plexiglass, engulfed in water. 

After its debut in Albuquerque, A Place to Ponder will move to Carrizozo, a small railroad town in south Central New Mexico. Located between White Sands and the black rocks of the Valley of Fire, the region is home to naturally opposing elements. Viewers are encouraged to travel a backroads loop from Albuquerque, stopping to take in the sites that range from the Trinity Test Site where the first atomic bomb was tested to the 17th century ruins at Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. With just under 1000 residents, Carrizozo is home to many artists, historic buildings, and unique businesses. Travelers are sure to find their own sites of wonder, driven by the search for a A Place to Ponder