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Well, I have been freelance for 5 months now.  Adjusting to not working 60 – 80 hour weeks has by far been the hardest part, I feel constantly like I should be doing more, but the whole point was to slow down. I’ve mainly been working with Meow Wolf, I made an installation for the New Years Eve party (photo^), and helped during the upgrades in January, also working there on Tuesdays doing maintenance. I haven’t made much new work, so I don’t have anything exciting to share. Although I am working on a series of kaleidoscopes.

In the pursuit of growth, I have been writing proposal after proposal after proposal. I have turned in 5 this year already and we are two months in! The point though, is to better articulate my art practice in the hopes of getting a residency, grant, or public art work! If I can get one this year, it will be a success! It is hard to get excited about an idea knowing that most likely you will receive a turn-down letter, and you have to be excited about the idea in order to get the jurors excited and I have to expect mostly turn-downs at this point in my career. So I am playing the odds game and applying for every applicable opportunity I can find!

Rumor is next month I will be hired on full-time with Meow Wolf, in the Creative Studios division, ending my freelance run. Meow Wolf is an unbelievable company to work for and I already have been brainstorming and planning my ideas for the next installation. EXCITING!

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Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Work in progress

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