Whats up Meow!

Well, MEOWWOLF is open! I finished my room and managed to help build the Museum Cases with David Cudney.


Feeling really honored to have worked alongside so many wonderful humans! It was a real treat! The opportunity of a lifetime! I found a family! I could go on an on! We have received a lot of good press and had about 22,000 visitors in the first three weeks! I felt very honored to have been included in an NPR.org article.







I have been commissioned to build a 200′ privacy wall in the North Valley. I am really excited to work on such a large scale! This will be the LARGEST thing I have ever built, and that is SO EXCITING!!! The fence will be a combination of my wood pattern-work, resin and fabric panels, as well as rusted corrugated tin. What is really exciting is they have an old barn on their property that they are willing to donate to my art making adventures!  Looking forward to playing with that space!


Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Work in progress

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